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November 08, 2007

Network attached caches or memory - Audio Podcast

This is an audio pod cast discussing using ObjectGrid as a network attached cache rather than the traditional view of caches as an in memory cache. A network attached cache has numerous advantages over an in memory cache in that it's populated by all clients concurrently and what can been cached by one client is immediately available to service cache requests from its peer clients.

There is also no stale data in that data in a network cache is stored in one location and all clients seen the same record as there is only one copy in the network.
A near or local cache can be specified to filter cache requests to the network cache to improve performance when some smaller subset make sense to keep close to a particular client. Staleness can be handled using a local evictor or optimistic locking or row versioning to detect if the locally cached data was changed by a peer client while it was cached. The client can then invalidate the local entries and retry the transaction.

Download devwebsphere_3.m4a

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