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February 10, 2007

Porsche 944 spec car on the way

I decided to switch to a 944 for DEs next year. I'll try to say why I'm doing this instead of my 996.


Yep, it's slower. Slower means safer. It will have 150bhp and 2600lbs weight with my in it. It has a full roll cage, 3 nozzle fire system, battery cut outs, window nets. All of this makes the car just safer if I get a bang. I'm putting my Recaro Pole Position seats in with the Simpson 6pt polyester harnesses I had.

I envied a buddy in a 944 last year at BIR. He stayed flat through T1 at 110mph. I thought cool. Staying flat in the 996 means dieing. I had to brake from 145mph to between 120-130mph and it's dicey. I'm looking forward to that.


The whole car is 12k. An engine for the 996 is 14k, a tranny is 10k. Tires will be 550, tires for the 996 was 1300.

Cheaper means less complaints from my better half and I think I'll drive faster just because it's only 12k if I wreck it. An engine is 1600, a tranny 500. The whole suspension, Koni Yellows is 700.

So, thats it, it'll be slower but I reckon I can match the times in my 996 by the end of the year. We'll see.

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