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January 14, 2007

Porsche 911 in the snow

In a word, awesome.
Just got back from driving the C4 around in about 3-4 inches of snow with Blizzak LM22s on and it's incredible. You can drift the car nicely around turns without PSM being activated, everything works. Only bad thing is you want to keep going faster but thats a fools errand for those who follow it.

Anyway, tons, TONS of fun. Only problem is ground clearance and getting beached.

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Cool, I've wondered how my 996 C4 would do with snow tires. I used to swap winter tires onto my Audi A4 every winter and it was great :-) Out of curiosity, do you use a separate set of wheels? Unlike with my Audi, getting a second set of cheap steel wheels doesn't seem to be an option with the 996.

Posted by: Von | Jan 24, 2007 3:39:52 PM

Ive been driving my 2000 C4 in the snow (on occasion) and it handles like a dream. In fact as long as the snow isnt deep, its better than my Jeep. Ive got a set of winter tires and wheels just for it.

Gotta love it.

Posted by: derrik dyka | Feb 17, 2007 8:38:43 PM

I'm finally thinking about, and have the financial resources to, jump into the Porsche dream I've had all my life. I'm looking at the Cabrio 4.

One primary reason for the 4 over the base model is the need to deal with crappy reaction to the occasional snow storms in the Puget Sound, where the commute home can have you going through 3-4 inches of snow, packed or otherwise, up some steep inclines. The 2WD cars just get stuck, and the cities just don't have the resources to plow early and often for these occasional annual snow-storms.

However, a concern I have, especially given the very pot-holed parking lots up at the ski resorts in the Cascades, is the ground clearance. Are there any solutions to the ground clearance issues for winter? In addition to putting on dedicated winter rubber in November-March, I was wondering if there is some suspension changes that might be used to dial in a few inches of greater ground clearance during these months when low drag profile are not as important as quasi-offroad ability. I'm not looking for Paris-Dakar ralley suspension, but it would be nice if there was something that could be dialed in with a wrench in the garage - say something like a coil-over.

Posted by: Thomas S | Feb 22, 2007 7:26:29 PM

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