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November 27, 2006

Michelin Pilot Sports/2s wear rate

3200 miles on my new engine now and everything looks good. The transmission linkage seems to be resolved now.

The Bridgestone blizzak LM22s are back on and give a 'better' ride than the Michelin PS/2s that I had. Better means less noise and more comfortable. As far as cornering goes, it's no contest unless of course the temperature is < 35F or it's slippy.

The rear PS/2s are pretty worn with I reckon only another 1/32nd to go before they are done. The fronts look great, at least half thread on them so I'll buy another set of PS/2s for the back and mount them in spring. The wear rate seems to be 2:1 for the car.

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November 21, 2006

Flashing D on Porsche 996 tiptronic resolved


The dealer called and said it's been fixed. The problem is the transmission linkage moved out of alignment slightly and this caused the problem. They said it could have been engine flex or other things. They did some adjustment and the car is working fine again, no charge. Gotta go pick it up now.

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November 20, 2006

Manual control box broken?

It's at the dealer today and apparently lots of info can be gleaned from the lights. A flashing D with no flashing gear lights means the manual control box module has a problem. There are combinations of a flashing 4th gear and D means something else. I'll try get them from the dealer and post.

Of course, it flashed all the way till 10 miles from the dealer and then it went solid as it should be. The dealer service person then said "So do you want to drive it home?" My answer was probably unsuitable to print here but basically unless he'd done something to fix it, it would still be broken yes!!!!

Anyway, I'll wait and see.

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November 19, 2006

Flashing D on Porsche 996 tiptronic


Yesterday, when I put the 996 from park into D the LED starting flashing and it felt like the car didn't engage the gear. When I pressed the throttle then it engaged with a clunk and it drove home. I've been trying this sequence a few times now and it looks like it happens almost all the time. I read some other posts saying maybe the car was cold and the computer was complaining, i.e. wait a minute but anyway, time to phone the dealer and maybe bring it in, gotta love a factory warranty.

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November 12, 2006

2007, time for a 944

I'm going to sell my 996 in the Spring and Tim Comeau is currently building me a spec Porsche 944 track only car for 2007 HPDE. The cost should be 12k-13k.

My big worry with the car is the lack of power but I should learn a lot in it next year and hopefully be faster as a result.

I'm hoping to drive the crap out of the 944 and when it breaks then use the 944 as a platform to build a better track car to make use of my newfound skills (hopefully). I'm currently looking around as options to fix up the 944 for 2008.

Meanwhile, I loved having my 996 but as a platform for a track day, it makes no sense. So, I'm hoping to sell it for between 30-35k in the Spring, there isn't much of a market for 996s at this time of the year locally. Selling the car should save me about 2.5k a year (insurance, tires for street, general maintenance etc). That will help with HPDE costs.

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November 03, 2006

Speed World Challenge Tracks for 2006

Put together a list of the 2006 tracks in Trackpedia. I've data for a lot of them. I'll do the same with the 2007 schedule when it's announced.


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