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November 12, 2006

2007, time for a 944

I'm going to sell my 996 in the Spring and Tim Comeau is currently building me a spec Porsche 944 track only car for 2007 HPDE. The cost should be 12k-13k.

My big worry with the car is the lack of power but I should learn a lot in it next year and hopefully be faster as a result.

I'm hoping to drive the crap out of the 944 and when it breaks then use the 944 as a platform to build a better track car to make use of my newfound skills (hopefully). I'm currently looking around as options to fix up the 944 for 2008.

Meanwhile, I loved having my 996 but as a platform for a track day, it makes no sense. So, I'm hoping to sell it for between 30-35k in the Spring, there isn't much of a market for 996s at this time of the year locally. Selling the car should save me about 2.5k a year (insurance, tires for street, general maintenance etc). That will help with HPDE costs.

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