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October 02, 2006

Performance at last fling HPDE

I'm still bummed about how I did at the event. As I'd said before, I'd managed consistent 04s last September on Michelin PS/2 tires. I've done maybe 6 track days this year and managed a 2:53 at Road America which I thought was fast for me anyway :)

The fastest I managed over the weekend at Brainerd was a 2:08 and I was struggling to stay under 2:10 and this is with Michelin Pilot Cup tires on the car, these should have given me 4-5 seconds a lap. Instead, I'm way slower. I was only doing 110-115mph in to braking at turn 3 when I was doing 135 last September.

Brett Bailey did an instruction session with me on Sunday morning but I felt that the car was sliding around on me through turns. My line looked fine, he was telling me to get on the gas at apex, "acceleration is grip". Put your foot down and it'll hold tight. I tried but a lot of times it felt like it was drifting towards the exit curbs and I went on them a couple of times.

So, basically, maybe the tires are knackered. I got the tires used with my black rims. I put another 6 track days on them, I've no idea how much they got used before I got em. Maybe, it's time for another set of pilot cups.

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