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September 17, 2006

Clear coat may be damaged

As I'd posted before, don't use Turtle wax platinum on a car. I used it, put a bra over it (a Porsche one) and it rained, I left it on for 3 days in sun and took it off. The wax had hazed so now I have a two tone hood.

I brought the car to a Griots tech session yesterday and was hoping they could help me. My friends had said that it was just a waz and once I removed the wax then problem solved. Well, Griots used an orbital polisher and polish yesterday to remove all the wax and the haze is still there. It's in the clear coat. I have no idea how this is even possible and the Griots guys were surprised.

Looks like a repaint is needed now. I can try going deeper in to the clear coat hoping to remove the hazed portion, I guess worst case, I need to get it repainted anyway.

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