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September 30, 2006

Big crash at T1 exit today

Day 2 was an adventure. I'm still pretty slow, I managed a 2:08 today on Pilot cups which sucks royaly considering I did an 04 last year on PS/2s. My head just isn't in it so I'm taking two instructors with me tomorrow (Brett and Dave Anderson). Car feels awesome, it's cured (touch wood). Solid 4 sessions, no issues, only problem is me.

My first session was cut short by a loose plate on the main straight. The track was wet and we were running the rain line. The plate covers the drag strip electrics in the middle of the road and it was rising as cars went over it. They fixed that but the session following mine was cancelled.

Next session was black flagged on lap 2/3 when a red 964 got two wheels off at track out on T1 and it just spun on him. He went two feet in and went across the track at over 100mph, went off on the inside, down in to a depression, then came up over an access road and went airborne through the corner station! It ended up on its roof against the fence behind the station and the station was demolished. The corner worker was lucky to be alive, she was in the station when this happened. For those who don't know, a corner station is 4 pieces of wood holding up a plywood roof. He cleared the wall protecting the station because of the height hitting the access road gave him. It reminded me of Joey Hands accident when he hit the access road and barrel rolled while flipping.

The corner work was just shaken, very lucky. The guy had a cage in the car and besides a few scratches looked ok.

So, pretty bad morning. In the afternoon an instructor went off in T8 and hit the tire wall just before 9. He flipped his car on to the roof and had small cuts from air bags hitting his glasses and glass piece from the windscreen. Car is totalled as is first car.

I wasn't comfortable all day, no confidence so I'd dragging out some instructors tomorrow to sort me out. Car is working well.

Tomorrow I've got 6 sessions, 2 in morning and 4 in the afternoon so hopefully with the instruction, I'll get down to 2 minutes which is my goal but that'll mean a lot more speed through 1 and 2 and I'm not sure I wanna do that. Car is probably good for 135 turn in for T1 and 130 in T2 (talking with instructors with 996s) but it's a question of is the guy and the answer there is no today and we'll see tomorrow.

Anyway, the corner worker was blessed today. Very lucky escape. John and I had sat with her yesterday and she actually told us that if a car came towards the shack to run for the fence. If she'd done that today she'd be dead, thats where the 964 ended up on its roof. Staying put was the right thing today but I'll tell ya, she has a lot of balls. This is the second time this has happened to her. I think I'd be looking for another corner.

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