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September 18, 2006

1999 996 engines may have been cast incorrectly

I asked a Grand am cup racing team whether they thought M96 engines (3.4L) were suitable on the track and whether my 2001 replacement engine would be any better. Here is the response:

The '99 engines are notoriously bad about putting holes in the engine case
when run on the track.  You are correct about all the 3.4 replacement
engines being '01 models, and at one point Porsche was even taking blown '99
engines as cores-acknowledging there was a problem.  The story I got is that
there was a casting flaw in the '99 engine case that was remedied by '01.
We've seen many 3.4 engines running well in Grand am Cup, and we even ran
one for a number of races last season.  While no engine is indestructible, I
would have no reservation running a '01 engine at the track.
Hope this helps.

So, I may be ok this year...

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