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August 12, 2006

Wood interior breaks in heat


I had my car parked outside the office and it was hot (100+F) outside. The top of my wood center console shattered in the heat in the car park. Very annoying and I've a feeling it's very expensive. Carnewal.com has similar things at 800 euros! Damn.

Lesson to be learned here is to buy a windscreen sun shield. The wood is a major pain in terms of car durability. My steering wheel also has wood and it has hairline cracks around it's circumference also since I got the car, i.e. they were there when I bought the car.

The door box has wood covers and these also are brittle. What I tend to do on longer trips is rest my elbow on the cover and there are little pressure point cracks as a result of this. Not durable at all and very expensive to fix.

It does look nice but I'd take durability over looks at this point.

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