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August 28, 2006

Drove a Lotus Elise today

My buddy just bought an Elise and I had a spin in it today. He drove first and it feels nice, for me as a passenger, it felt like my 996 does, pretty stiff but not race car stuff, same amount of grip etc. Powerwise, it's ok until it hits 6k RPMs and then it pulled well. Above 80mph, it's slower than the 996.

Would I swap the 996 for one? No, I didn't feel it was a big upgrade. Performance felt the same from a seat of the pants point of view and above 80-100mph, the 996 pulls strong and it pulls strong low down in RPMs.

The 8.5k red limiter is awesome though, be nice if the 996 had that but I need to wait for a GT3.

For 40k bucks it's nice but you can buy 996s for that money easy although I reckon given my recent problems the Lotus is more reliable :)

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