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August 25, 2006

Dont get wood trim in a Porsche

My 996 has about 9k bucks worth of maple burr in a full interior package. It's a major pain because it's so brittle. Here are some shots to illustrate.


The main console broke in a car park when it was hot (95F-100F). I left the car in a hotel car park and it broke pretty badly. Repair cost will be 700 plus tax plus labor.

The other shots are the left glove box. I had been resting my left elbow on it when driving, it's handy and comfortable. But, the wood fascia again broke due to the pressure which in my mind is ridiculous.

The steering wheel is also cracked but was cracked when I bought it. In my joy of owning the car, I overlooked it. The wheel is expensive to repair.

I'll be fixing it over the next couple of years, no rush to do it unless I want to sell the car but if I was doing it again, I wouldn't touch wood. It looks nice but it's very expensive and obviously, not very durable and obviously very expensive to fix.


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