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July 05, 2006

Road America, a new ball game


The guys are off to Road America on Monday and Tuesday. The caravan includes a Ferrari 348 and a Nissan 350Z. They will all be wired at the event with video so we should have some cool videos with telemetry when we're done.

The main worrying thing about Road America is the speed and the braking. RA is notoriously hard on brakes. It has 5 major braking points per lap with no significant sections for cooling the brakes. One of the stops is pretty huge, I reckon 160mph down to 50mph for a 90 degree left hander. The other guys are warning about the following issues:

  • Brake fluid boiling over.
    Use a high temperature racing fluid like ATE or Motul 600.
  • Race pads only.
    Forget using stock brake pads. I'm using Hawk HP+ which is a combination street/race pad.
  • Bring extra pads
    It's very likely you're use one set of pads over 2 days. Bring an extra set.
  • Bring extra brake fluid and a brake bleeder
    Bleed/flush your brake lines after every day.

Basically, if you're doing 160mph and need to brake 110mph off before turning, you gotta make sure you're brakes are solid. This basically means upgraded rotors/calipers/fluid/pads for most normal cars.

Anyway, I'll be bleeding my brakes this week and checking the pads. I may also try using titanium brake shims between the pad and pistons to reduce the heat transfer to the calipers and hence the fluid.

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