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July 29, 2006

Moved harness bar on DasSport weekender

It's a lot better now, I added a new harness bar (1.5" x 0.125" DOM) about 3 inches higher than the original one. I had a local cage builder do it. You can see the original bar and the new one in this photo. The old one just isn't safe with any seat setup with harnesses.

Click here for photos.

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July 27, 2006

Adding new harness bar

I just dropped off my DasSport Weekender 4pt roll bar/cage with the welders. They are adding a new horizontal bar 3 inches above my existing one and moving the belt hoops on to that. The bar is the same as the existing ones 1.75" x 0.12 inch. This should finally get my shoulder belts at 0 degrees instead of the 20 plus ish that it is now.

I'll post photos tomorrow. Tubing was cheap, only needed 6 ft of it and shop rate was 60 per hour.

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Oil level low after refill again

I have my car back and everything looked good. I drove it to work this morning and the oil level was below min. The dealer had changed the oil this week. This is the second time it's happened so I called em up wondering whats going on.

They called back saying because of the work that had been done on the car/engine, they should have put more than the normal 9 quarts in for the refill. So nothing to worry about according to them. I'll add the difference tonight from my collection.

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July 26, 2006

Various videos on youtube


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Torque convertor cost

I got prices from my dealer for the parts. A torque convertor is 826 and the flexplate/flywheel is 281. Labor would be a lot as you need to drop the engine etc.

The dealer said I had a new torque convertor installed with the new tranny because the old one was cracked along the lip which they'd never seen before. Maybe with any luck, this was the misfire problem. So, this is another replacement for the new one I'd gotten with the new tranny.

Dealer paid for everything anyway. They fixed the head light washer for parts cost and did the 45k service. I'll be picking up the car tomorrow morning. They said there is no breakin time with the repairs.

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July 25, 2006

45k service due

I'm at 42.5k miles now and with the car at the dealer because of the tranny issue, I told them to do the 45k service now while it's there. Cost is 325.

The oil change is kind of redundant as I reckon I've changed the oil 6 times since the 30k service on the car. Cheap insurance for me. It doesn't seem to burn oil at all even at HPDE days. It burns a little but it's almost nothing.

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New torque convertor and flex plate

The car is finally ready. My dealer did all the work under warranty given they had just replaced the transmission. I got a new torque convertor and flex plate and sundries.

Apparently a new tiptronic transmission doesn't include a torque convertor so right now it's all new with 2 year factory warranty.

Happy I didn't have to pay for this, it wouldn't have been cheap...

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July 22, 2006

Top 10 tips for Performance driving schools

This is my top ten list for doing high performance driving events or driving schools.

  1. Maintain the car religiously, don't skimp, if you skimp to save money, you'll be spending a lot more later.
  2. Flush brake fluid before first annual event, bleed before every event.
  3. Check your wheel lug torques before bringing the car on the track every session.
  4. Bleed your tire pressures to the maximum hot psis after every session.
  5. Keep your brake pads at least 50%, check every session.
  6. Check your engine oil level every session
  7. Change engine oil every event.
  8. Check all your guages/warning lights on a long straight every lap.
  9. Use the first day to figure out which cars in your session are faster than you and get behind them on the later sessions. It's no fun pointing people by all the time. Let the quickers guys go in front.
  10. Take it easy on tricky corners, you'll be no where near perfect on the rest of the track, focus on that the rest of the track before you push your luck, if you wreck the car then you won't be getting any better...

And lastly, the biggest tip of them all, have lots of money...

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July 21, 2006

Auto accident lawyers

A friend of ours had an accident recently in a car park. Basically, another car reversed in to them while they were parked in their spot. The driver of the other car is now saying that our friend actually hit them. The bad guys insurance company then contacted our friends looking for damages.

The thing is that it's now the bad guys word against our friends. The bad guys girlfriend is now lying to say she saw the whole thing. What a nightmare? They could get an auto accident attorney or lawyer but I don't see how it would help given without witnesses at best I can see them being forced to split the damages which sucks big time.

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Getting head light fixed

My headlight washer has lost a ball and so needs to be fixed. Part cost seems to be 100-140 US for the right hand side. I've asked the dealer to do it, they are cutting me a deal given recent problems...

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July 19, 2006

And the winner is


My brother was right. A pin between the flexwheel and the torque convertor came out, make a huge racket and then jammed it. The dealer doesn't understand how, they say all bolts were tightened correctly but, still, it came out. They are trying to see why it came out given everything was done correctly. The good news is that they are paying for everything so thats cool, a worry off my neck.

Anyway, I'm probadly buying a DSR type track car so I think I'm selling the Porsche soon to pay for that. Should be cheaper to run. Anybody wants my harness setup then email me. The extras that I have are:

  • 17" rims with 70% Bridgestone Blizzak LM22s (1700 from Tirerack).
  • 18" rims with 20% Michelin Pilot Cups (Porsche OEM black rims)
  • Das Sport Weekender Rollbar (1400 cost new)
  • GT3 drivers seat (1600 cost new)
  • Recaro Pole Position + BK 907x plates + Porsche manual sliders (1200 bucks new)
  • Pair of 6pt Simpson Polyester Harnesses (1000).
  • Medium Bell M2 Helmet with R3 clips (400)
  • R3 from LFT Tech Head and Neck Restraint (995).

So, if anyone wants a complete DE setup for their 996 then give me an email.

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July 16, 2006

Current bets on fault

The car is at the dealer now. I dropped it up today. The current bet is that the bolts between the flywheel and the torque convertor have come loose. Given the engine ran and only 'seized' on starting, we reckon it's not an engine seize so right now, the bet is that it's the torque convertor jammed on a pin/bolt. We'll find out tomorrow.

I tried using a Craftsman 12V electric winch to put the car on the trailer today but it's a waste of time. The product isn't very good. We gave up on it in the end and just pushed it. Needless to say, it's going back to Sears tomorrow.

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Dealer time

Dropping it at the dealer tomorrow. Current bets are a loose starter motor whose pinion is now jammed in the flywheel. I'm not sure a tip even has a flywheel but that'd be better than a blown engine.

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July 14, 2006

Engine looks like it's failed

While on a drive to my house on Tuesday night, the engine started making a racket. Luckily I was about a mile from my house and I drove it, limping, to the my house. The car wasn't being driven hard, it was just coasting along a highway, pulled out to overtake someone and boom. The noise sounds really bad and appears to be coming from the center of the engine, it doesn't seem to be on one side or the other. I restarted it a couple of times but then it just locked. The starter torques up but can't turn it any more. I don't see any fluid underneath the car, it's bone dry, no check engine lights or codes also. I did have more misfires a little earlier that day but it's been doing those on and off since last March when this all started.

I guess this is the next thing caused by the misfires. Porsche said they couldn't diagnose it last year, they changed the lifters at a cost of 4.5k but it didn't cure it. They basically said to wait for the problem to develop to something easier to diagnose and then they'd fix it. I guess a failed engine is pretty easy, doesn't matter what caused the misfire now...

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July 08, 2006

Installing a DasSport Weekender rollbar the easy way

Here is a guide to installing this:

  1. Install the feet first. Loosely bolt the eye bolts to the lower seat anchor, don't tighten.
  2. Install the rear cross brace, don't tighten
  3. Put hoop in car, mount on rear cross brace.
  4. Put hoop tube in the feet. Loosen the eye bolts enough to make this easier.
  5. Put bolts through feet to lock hoop tubes in place.
  6. Tighten eye bolts now.
  7. Bolt hoop and cross brace together.

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Brake fluid flush

I flushed my brake fluid today. Two guy job. One guy pumps brake pedal other guy opens and closes the bleed nut on the calipers.

We do rear left, rear right, front left, front right. Each corner has two calipers to bleed, outside first then inside one.

We flushed it today and it's got all new ATE 200 brake fluid now. The old liquid was put in last June and it wasn't looking great.

The Hawk HP+ pads are about 80% on rear axle, 90% on front. The rear weight bias of the 996 shows here in that the rears are getting used. The engine heat back there can't help either.

The pads dust big time. Bought another power washer today to try and clean wheels and calipers tomorrow on the dust.

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July 07, 2006

Hawk HP+ spare pads arrive

My spare brake pad set arrived today and I'm getting more ATE brake fluid tomorrow so for a complete flush.

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July 05, 2006

Road America, a new ball game


The guys are off to Road America on Monday and Tuesday. The caravan includes a Ferrari 348 and a Nissan 350Z. They will all be wired at the event with video so we should have some cool videos with telemetry when we're done.

The main worrying thing about Road America is the speed and the braking. RA is notoriously hard on brakes. It has 5 major braking points per lap with no significant sections for cooling the brakes. One of the stops is pretty huge, I reckon 160mph down to 50mph for a 90 degree left hander. The other guys are warning about the following issues:

  • Brake fluid boiling over.
    Use a high temperature racing fluid like ATE or Motul 600.
  • Race pads only.
    Forget using stock brake pads. I'm using Hawk HP+ which is a combination street/race pad.
  • Bring extra pads
    It's very likely you're use one set of pads over 2 days. Bring an extra set.
  • Bring extra brake fluid and a brake bleeder
    Bleed/flush your brake lines after every day.

Basically, if you're doing 160mph and need to brake 110mph off before turning, you gotta make sure you're brakes are solid. This basically means upgraded rotors/calipers/fluid/pads for most normal cars.

Anyway, I'll be bleeding my brakes this week and checking the pads. I may also try using titanium brake shims between the pad and pistons to reduce the heat transfer to the calipers and hence the fluid.

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