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June 27, 2006

Tow hooks and scraping

So, I installed my tow hooks a month ago and I've discovered I need to be careful entering drive ways at an angle or driving in to garages for gas etc. The hooks on the front are about an inch in height and they do hit the ground if you're not careful in these circumstances. If you lowered the car then it would be pretty bad I think and might even damage em. Mine is still stock height.

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June 25, 2006

Looks like misfires were the transmission


It's been almost 9 months since it first starting misfiring at high RPMs. We replaced the lifters, still there. Then Porsche reckoned it might be an unbalanced driver shaft but weren't sure. Then the tiptronic failed because of a bearing failure and it was replaced. I drove the car today and did 6.7k rpms in 2nd and 3rd several times and no check engine light. It might have been the transmission starting to fail all along.

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June 24, 2006

HPDE, the permanent cure for speeding

I figure if you do HPDE then you'll never speed again. Once you get used to driving the car at speed around a track then 'normal' speeding on a highway just won't do it. Driving on a highway fast is pretty much boring.

Let's see. Typical speeding experience "Foot down, accelerate to what ever, hold foot down, miles and miles go by, brake for a light." Get a life.

If this excites you then don't do to a HPDE because you'll likely have a heart attack. Driving around a track involves balancing the grip available from the tires with the longitudal and lateral Gs as you drive around the track. If you're on it then there is no extra grip left for suddenly swerve or brake. If you're on a public road driving this fast then you need to go to jail because if anything happens:

  • Bike appears on the road
  • Animals
  • Gravel, mud, water.
  • Slow drivers
  • People accelerating in the fast lane.
  • etc.

then you're screwed. Lifting the throttle, braking, turning the wheel will cause you to lose control of the car if you're at the limit or close to it and that will be that.

On a track, you have corner workers looking out for you. You need to look at the corner or so in front and the corner workers will flag any conditions ahead of you on the track. If you did get hurt then an ambulance is waiting 3 minutes away to help you. You're likely wearing a racing harness with a helmet and neck restraint, maybe a roll cage. Compare this with driving on a public road in a stock car. Yep, sheer and utter stupidity if you speed, I call it "Natural Selection at work".

Anyway, this is what speeding really looks like:


It's a lot better than traditional speeding.

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June 19, 2006



1999 Porsche 996 engines seem prone to grenade and blow cylinder sleeves. I just asked my dealer how much an engine costs and it's 9k plus 2k for install. Not cheap.

A company in the UK called Autofarm can repair these failures by replacing the cylinder sleeves with a 'silsleeve'. They can also bore it out to 3.7L for the 3.4L and 4.0L for the 3.6L. If they had a US distributor then I'd almost call them to do it on my working engine.

I sent them an email to see if the new sleeves are better than the old ones. They can also update the crank shaft to a newer one which solves RMS once and for all.

Anyway, I'll post more as I find out.

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Car is ready

Dealer just called and my car now has a new tiptronic transmission. I asked them to change the front diff fluid when they called and let me know what the old stuff looked like. Cost for that was 250 bucks. Normal interval is 90k miles which seems an aweful long time...

I'm wondering what other fluids may be prone to overheating and I'm planning on regularly changing them. Cheap insurance...

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June 10, 2006

Part failures so far

Here's a list of whats failed on the car since I got it in 2003 with when it happened.

  1. New radio because plastic on buttons was peeling, normal cost 500
  2. New front left radiator hoses (35k) normal cost 500
  3. New oxygen sensor (41k) normal cost 475
  4. New transmission (41.5k) normal cost 9.5k
  5. New lifters (38k) normal cost 4.9k
  6. New DME (38k) normal cost 2k
  7. New brake rotors (41.5k) normal cost 640 dollars plus install


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New transmission


My transmission failed, a bearing went on the front pump, a seal broke and poof, all the fluid came out. Dealer quoted 9.5k dollars for a replacement. They don't fix em, you get a new one. My warranty company is paying for it. I just pay 200 dollars for my deductable. A tranny is 7.2k with a 2 yr warranty from Porsche, the rest was installation and tax. Getting it back next Friday.

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