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May 28, 2006

Tow hooks installed

They are on. The front was easy. There's a bolt which screws in to the frame. Unscrew it, put some lock tite on it, bolt it back to 88ft/lbs with the hook attached. It certainly felt a lot less than 88 when I was unbolting it. The instructions are not clear for how to 'angle' the hooks. The text says 45o to center which implies a 45 degrees to the cars side to me but the two pictures show different angles. I settled for the hook at 0 to the side. You can see in the shot below, they are in the same plane as the wheels.

The rears were another ball game. The bolts are just under and behind the sway bar. So, they are tricky to get at. I unbolted from the other/front side using a wrench with another wrench on the other side. The attribute of the hooks is fixed on the rear but the problem is retorqueing them. My long torque wrench won't fit under the car on jack stands. I bought a 3/8' sears torque wrench then which fits but it wouldn't click and in the end I was afraid to try tighten it more. It may be just the awkward angle means it feels tighter than it is.

Anyway, they are on for now, they look pretty nice. My only worries are:

  • The torque for the rear bolts.
  • The correct angle for the front hooks.



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Good early Wednesday morning
Enroute to me now is an engineered system to eliminate need to drill holes in front "bumper" for license plate frame: a flat plate on the front of a shortened tow hook which inserts through the tow hook hole. My question is how best to remove the tow hook cover on front of my Porsche to retain plug intact and in new condition.

Perhaps I should just let dealer remove it for me?


Posted by: John Musgrove | Aug 30, 2006 6:57:20 AM

Where did you get these? I've seen the hooks discussed, but can't find where to get them. TIA Kyle

Posted by: Kyle | Aug 25, 2007 3:50:36 PM

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