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May 12, 2006

Porsche intermediate service cost

Got my car back today. My frozen rotors are arriving next week and I'll swap em and put stainless brake cables on also.

Costwise, seems to be getting cheaper. Here's the details. This was basically that I decided to bring it to the dealer for an alignment, tech inspection, and oil change. I had a check engine light and I needed new pads.

  1. Oil Change 97.29
  2. Oxygen sensor (P993-606-118-01) 475 including labor
  3. Brake pads (P996-352-949-03 and P996-352-939-03) 157.38 + 125.93 = 283.31. Cost to install would have been 730 including parts.
  4. Brake pad sensor cables 38 each (seems expensive, pelican have them for 12)
  5. Reset my airbag light for free
  6. Free tech for HPDE on the car.
  7. Free car rental
  8. Wheel Alignment 149.95
    Everything was fine except for right toe in was off. This is the second alignment I've done and both times this has been off.

So, tax included, 773. My Repair Master warranty paid for the sensor after my 200 buck deductible. Still very happy with the dealer (MapleWood Imports). I'd recommend them easily.

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