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May 10, 2006

New oxygen sensor and rotors

So I brought my Porsche 996 to the dealer this morning.

The P1117 was the oxygen sensor. 450 dollars including labor for that. The warranty (Repair Master)  covers it (minus my 200 buck deductible). I didn't have to fix it, every thing works but the cats would run below efficiency and the check engine light would stay on which is a major pain.

The rotors on the front were down to 2mm and grooved so the EBC RedStuff Ceramics are pretty hard on rotors I think after 6 track days. The rotors had 36k on them and about 6mm before I put the pads on but still, the pads have finished em off. Rotors would have been 160 a wheel from the dealer.

The dealer wanted 730 dollars to switch to stock pads all around including labor which seemed high to me so I told them to just send me the pads for 280 (159 on front 130 on back)

Their rotors were priced the same as pelican parts so that was cool but I'd bought the Frozen Rotors yesterday so I'll put them on myself.

The bill from today will be 120 for oil change, 150 for alignment, 280 for pads, 450 for oxygen sensor. I spent 830 on rotors yesterday. I bought pad sensors and the rotor holding screws from Pelican yesterday too for 50 bucks. A tough month on the wallet.

I'll start doing work myself from now on. I'll save 400 dollars for the pad install, and oil changes I can do also for probably 40 bucks with parts.

Anyway, still cheaper than my Ford Windstar to run and it didn't have any track days. The rotors and shocks have worn out on the minivan in 60k miles. I still reckon the p-car dealer is cheaper than the Ford dealer.

The car had misfires also so the 4.5k new lifters and 2k new DME installed last winter (dealer paid for the DME) didn't fix the misfire problem I'd had last year. The car would misfire when I lifted to let people pass (holding 6k+ RPM) But, so far, no adverse symptoms. The dealer service person has changed and she asked if I'd like em to look at the misfires but I said no, they'd already spent a month and 6.5k on it already and I didn't see them finding anything new.

I'll still happy with the dealer. They were charging a lot for the pad install but they have gifted a fair bit of work last year also, so it's a wash in the end.

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