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May 09, 2006

Brainerd again


I went to a track day at Brainerd yesterday. And my rear brake pads went after 16 laps. Bummer, no spares with me. Sucks.

So, I had my wheels off today to spot which wheels had wear patterns and my rotors are looking thin. The fronts especially. We're doing another 8 HPDE days this year so I figured, don't let this happen to you again. So, I bought new rotors today (Frozen Rotors) that was 840 dollars for all 4 wheels. I'll buy 2 sets of Pagid Orange pads also, thats going to be expensive also.

The car threw a P1117 CEL at me yesterday driving home. Looks like a oxygen sensor temperature problem. The car is with the dealer tomorrow for new stock pads, an oil change, an alignment, this CEL.

Going to be an expensive month. I figure the rotors I had coming anyway and the frozen ones will last 3x the porsche ones (they are Porsche ones that have been frozen). I'll buy the pads between now and the next event in MAM in June.

My black box showed I was miserable on the track but I knew that before getting home to look at the data. Better next time.

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