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April 13, 2006

Tom C and lifters

TomC posted a comment asking about lifters. Basically, my engine would throw a CEL when I was about to shift automatically in 3rd gear, around 90mph. Porsche NA diagnosed it as a lifter problem. The cost of getting the lifters installed was 4.5k US.

It's now around 4 months later and having repeated my basically 100% repeatable test in the last two weeks, it seems fixed now. The new lifters required a new lifter assembly as Porsche changed the design. This increases the cost considerably and you can't get the older design anymore.

The car seems to run better now and it sounds better, strange but true. My friends have commented on the new engine note.

Anyway, 12 track days this year with PCA. I'll find out whether it's fixed legally.

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