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April 28, 2006

Tips on installing a Das Sport Weekender rollbar in a Porsche 996

I have a Das Sport Weekender rollbar for my Porsche 996. Here's my tips on installing it after 4/5 times doing it now.

  1. Take your seats out.
  2. WD40 the tubes so the roll bar hoop fits easily in to the back X brace.
  3. First, put in the back brace and don't tighten the struts nuts, just tighten a little
  4. Slide the back brace in slowly keeping the rear support plates flat and under the leather interior at the sides. There is a gap between the carpet and the leather.
  5. Have two people to do this.
  6. Next, take the shoes off the roll hoop and bolt them to the side of the car using your eye bolts, available from CDOC.
  7. Slide the hoop in to the rear brace. Hammer it down with a rubber hammer.
  8. Push the hoop legs in to the shoes one by one and push the bolt through. This may take some persuasion with the rubber hammer.
  9. Put the bolts in the rear brace securing the hoop.
  10. Bolt your seats in.
  11. Retorque the nuts on the struts to 34ft/lbs. Drive the car around the block, torque em again.

If you need to remove an eye-bolt then you'll never get it back in, trust me. If you need to do it then unbolt the shoes from the hoop. Take the bolts out of the brace, unhook the roll hoop from the brace and then repeat from step 5. This is the easiest way. Pain in the ass but it's impossible to get the eye bolt back in with the hoop in place, you'll likely ruin the threads on your car body for the bolt, your time is cheaper.

If you need to thread the seat belt through your racing shells then put the seats before you put in the shoes and push the seat forward as far as possible. Thread the belt through. Again, you'll never get the hoop legs in the shoes with the seats bolted in.

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I am installing an HEI steel rollbar in a 1991, 911 Turbo (965). Bar purchased from FVD in Ft. Lauderdale; but a German company.
Will this thing really bolt in with no modifications to the interrior? I am 6'2" and position my seat with the seatback about even with the upper, factory, seat belt bolt. With the roll bar will I be able to adjust the seat to this position?
What about the harness bar? Does it restrict seat movement? I know your installation was in a 996 but have to assume that some of your experience will benefit me in my project. Any other advice is eagerly solicited. By the way shipment on my HEI rollbar is not scheduled for about 6 weeks; so if there is a better, or eaiser to install bar that you know of, let me know.

John Bird
Phone: 386-761-6885

Posted by: John Bird | Apr 11, 2007 12:13:21 PM

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