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April 17, 2006

Porsche GT3 seat review


My GT3 seat arrived today. It looks very nice as you'd expect for a 1600 dollar seat. I got mine slightly used for 900 bucks on EBay. I'd heard it's a Recaro Pole Position but it's different and I happen to have one of those with Brey Krauss seat brackets and Porsche sliders handy so here are some shots comparing them:

Dsc00631 Obviously, the leather looks a lot nicer than the cloth finish on the Pole Position. To sit in they both feel a similar width. The GT3 seats are a LOT lower though as we can see next:

Dsc00630 They are probably a couple of inches lower easy. This makes ALL the difference for me as otherwise my shoulder harness is at an angle from my shoulder to the roll bar which could kill me in an impact because of spinal compression. You want the belt angle as close to horizontal as possible.

The backs of the GT3 seats use corrogation which is something I've seen on the professional Recaro Profi SPG seats, I figure the corrugation is for extra stiff ness. See it here:

Dsc00637 and the Pole Position next which is basically a less corrugated and possibly less stiff as a result. Weight wise, there is little in it. The GT3 seats weight 13kg (28.6lbs) where as the Pole Positions plus BK and sliders weight 14.2kgs (31.24lbs), a difference of 1.2kgs or 2.64lbs a side.

Dsc00638_1 The GT3 seat brackets have a nice lap belt mount point on each side. I don't understand why bracket manufacturers can't use this design also, it's pretty cool.

I don't find much difference when sitting in either. The seat seems to fit me the same way in both so it seems very like a Pole Position in that respect. The GT3 brackets will not fit a Recaro Pole Position seat. The holes on the GT3 seat plates are 10.5 inches apart where as the Pole Positions need 11.5 inches to fit.

Here are more shots of the seats with a tape measure beside them so you can compare with other seats.

Ok, been driving around with them in. I use my seats with a DasSport Weekender rollbar and Brey Krauss back braces. I find the GT3 seats squeak against the back brace. The Pole Positions do not squeak at all, so much for stiffness or the ribbed backs of the GT3 reduces the surface area in contact with the braces which causes the squeaking.

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thanks for the info! looking into gt3 seats for my 2006 boxster.....would you recommend?

Posted by: derrick | Nov 24, 2006 3:08:12 PM

I read your nice blog for GT3 seat vs Pole position.
I want to buy GT3 seat and ship to Japan,please tell me any web site to buy recaro GT3 seat? Would you reply e-mail.

Posted by: icchan | May 21, 2007 8:08:44 AM

am interested in getting gt3 seats for my 02 C4 cabriolet...i want to add a tequipment rollbar and harnesses and want to run DE events with the top down and therefore pass the broomstick rule. I am about 6'1 tall and was wondering if, from your experience, your gt3 seats in your C4 with a tall driver would pass the test...any words of wisdom appreciated; difficult to get any crisp info without buying everything and trying it.

thx much in advance. Bill Davison

Posted by: Bill Davison | Aug 2, 2007 10:24:16 AM

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