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April 28, 2006

Tips on installing a Das Sport Weekender rollbar in a Porsche 996

I have a Das Sport Weekender rollbar for my Porsche 996. Here's my tips on installing it after 4/5 times doing it now.

  1. Take your seats out.
  2. WD40 the tubes so the roll bar hoop fits easily in to the back X brace.
  3. First, put in the back brace and don't tighten the struts nuts, just tighten a little
  4. Slide the back brace in slowly keeping the rear support plates flat and under the leather interior at the sides. There is a gap between the carpet and the leather.
  5. Have two people to do this.
  6. Next, take the shoes off the roll hoop and bolt them to the side of the car using your eye bolts, available from CDOC.
  7. Slide the hoop in to the rear brace. Hammer it down with a rubber hammer.
  8. Push the hoop legs in to the shoes one by one and push the bolt through. This may take some persuasion with the rubber hammer.
  9. Put the bolts in the rear brace securing the hoop.
  10. Bolt your seats in.
  11. Retorque the nuts on the struts to 34ft/lbs. Drive the car around the block, torque em again.

If you need to remove an eye-bolt then you'll never get it back in, trust me. If you need to do it then unbolt the shoes from the hoop. Take the bolts out of the brace, unhook the roll hoop from the brace and then repeat from step 5. This is the easiest way. Pain in the ass but it's impossible to get the eye bolt back in with the hoop in place, you'll likely ruin the threads on your car body for the bolt, your time is cheaper.

If you need to thread the seat belt through your racing shells then put the seats before you put in the shoes and push the seat forward as far as possible. Thread the belt through. Again, you'll never get the hoop legs in the shoes with the seats bolted in.

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April 26, 2006

Telemetry with my GPS logger

The guys did Brainerd at the weekend so they took my logger and we've now updated the BIR wiki page with the info.


You can see an video with telemetry also on that page.

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April 22, 2006

Waxed the car

Waxed it for the first time in ages. I used Turtle Wax Platinum Liquid Wax. I first washed it with my Mr AutoClean washer, let it dry and then wiped it for dust and then threw on the wax. Easy to put on. I did it a panel at a time. Left panel, then right panel then wipe left panel then wipe right panel and so on. Looks a lot better now.

I have the p21s stuff and I think I'll use that next to remove some swirl marks on it. I have the P21s paint cleanser and then I'll try their carnuba wax next.

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April 17, 2006

Porsche GT3 seat review


My GT3 seat arrived today. It looks very nice as you'd expect for a 1600 dollar seat. I got mine slightly used for 900 bucks on EBay. I'd heard it's a Recaro Pole Position but it's different and I happen to have one of those with Brey Krauss seat brackets and Porsche sliders handy so here are some shots comparing them:

Dsc00631 Obviously, the leather looks a lot nicer than the cloth finish on the Pole Position. To sit in they both feel a similar width. The GT3 seats are a LOT lower though as we can see next:

Dsc00630 They are probably a couple of inches lower easy. This makes ALL the difference for me as otherwise my shoulder harness is at an angle from my shoulder to the roll bar which could kill me in an impact because of spinal compression. You want the belt angle as close to horizontal as possible.

The backs of the GT3 seats use corrogation which is something I've seen on the professional Recaro Profi SPG seats, I figure the corrugation is for extra stiff ness. See it here:

Dsc00637 and the Pole Position next which is basically a less corrugated and possibly less stiff as a result. Weight wise, there is little in it. The GT3 seats weight 13kg (28.6lbs) where as the Pole Positions plus BK and sliders weight 14.2kgs (31.24lbs), a difference of 1.2kgs or 2.64lbs a side.

Dsc00638_1 The GT3 seat brackets have a nice lap belt mount point on each side. I don't understand why bracket manufacturers can't use this design also, it's pretty cool.

I don't find much difference when sitting in either. The seat seems to fit me the same way in both so it seems very like a Pole Position in that respect. The GT3 brackets will not fit a Recaro Pole Position seat. The holes on the GT3 seat plates are 10.5 inches apart where as the Pole Positions need 11.5 inches to fit.

Here are more shots of the seats with a tape measure beside them so you can compare with other seats.

Ok, been driving around with them in. I use my seats with a DasSport Weekender rollbar and Brey Krauss back braces. I find the GT3 seats squeak against the back brace. The Pole Positions do not squeak at all, so much for stiffness or the ribbed backs of the GT3 reduces the surface area in contact with the braces which causes the squeaking.

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April 13, 2006

New blog on my GMC hauler

I've started another blog on my GMC truck so you can follow my experience with it. Click here for the first entry.

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Tom C and lifters

TomC posted a comment asking about lifters. Basically, my engine would throw a CEL when I was about to shift automatically in 3rd gear, around 90mph. Porsche NA diagnosed it as a lifter problem. The cost of getting the lifters installed was 4.5k US.

It's now around 4 months later and having repeated my basically 100% repeatable test in the last two weeks, it seems fixed now. The new lifters required a new lifter assembly as Porsche changed the design. This increases the cost considerably and you can't get the older design anymore.

The car seems to run better now and it sounds better, strange but true. My friends have commented on the new engine note.

Anyway, 12 track days this year with PCA. I'll find out whether it's fixed legally.

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Bought my towing truck, a GMC 2500HD

So, pulled the trigger today. I'm going to sell my Exploder and I bought a 2002 GMC 2500HD Extended Cab SLT 6.0 V8 gasoline truck today. It should haul both my Porsche and Johns Ferrari with ease. We're on the look out now for a fifth wheel double car hauler. It's pretty nice inside, all leather, power seats, even a freezer for drinks (I kid you not).

The truck has 76k miles so I bought a 48 month/ 48k mile warranty from the dealer. Let the track days come.

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April 11, 2006

Porsche GT3 brackets don't fit Pole Positions


Just to be different, Porsche GT3 seats while based on the Recaro Pole Position, drilled the side mount holes in different positions. I was hoping to be able to use GT3 brackets for my passenger side but it looks that hope is now gone.

I may leave the Recaro Pole Position with BK hardware on the passenger side but it's really too tall to be safe even for an indestructible instructor so I need to do something.

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April 07, 2006

I give up, bought Porsche GT3 seat


I bought a used Porsche GT3 seat today on Ebay for 900 bucks. This will be my driver seat. It has lap belt hardware integrated on the sides, it's really low so my shoulder harness belts will be at the right angle, it'll just bolt in. I'll sell my current driver side setup and probably keep the Pole Position on the passenger side until I find a black GT3 seat on the other side.

I just wish I'd done this at the beginning instead of wasting time buying non Porsche stuff. I started off with Speedware Motorsports kit which doesn't bolt in and was a squeeze to get it to fit. It was low enough however. Next was Brey Krauss with Porsche manual sliders which fit perfectly but is simply too high. The Krey Krauss tunnel side seat belt adapter is only good for lap belts, it's not safe for the stock 3pt belt receptable, it basically positions the receptacle too high and then the lap belt won't fit tightly.

I'm 5"9 so I'm not the tallest but I'm too high in the car, my thighs almost touch the wheel and my head with helmet would probably by 2 inches above my roll bar, not a good thing...

So, here we are. Buy Porsche...

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