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April 07, 2006

I give up, bought Porsche GT3 seat


I bought a used Porsche GT3 seat today on Ebay for 900 bucks. This will be my driver seat. It has lap belt hardware integrated on the sides, it's really low so my shoulder harness belts will be at the right angle, it'll just bolt in. I'll sell my current driver side setup and probably keep the Pole Position on the passenger side until I find a black GT3 seat on the other side.

I just wish I'd done this at the beginning instead of wasting time buying non Porsche stuff. I started off with Speedware Motorsports kit which doesn't bolt in and was a squeeze to get it to fit. It was low enough however. Next was Brey Krauss with Porsche manual sliders which fit perfectly but is simply too high. The Krey Krauss tunnel side seat belt adapter is only good for lap belts, it's not safe for the stock 3pt belt receptable, it basically positions the receptacle too high and then the lap belt won't fit tightly.

I'm 5"9 so I'm not the tallest but I'm too high in the car, my thighs almost touch the wheel and my head with helmet would probably by 2 inches above my roll bar, not a good thing...

So, here we are. Buy Porsche...

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I've got a 993 and was thinking of updating the seats to the S seats - but not sure what they are called as some 993 S models come with the standard seats like the ones in my current car. Is this a Sport Seat or some other designation - I"m askin gou because the seat in the photo looks similar. Thanks

Posted by: Pete | Apr 19, 2006 12:14:32 PM

Hey there. I've got a '98 996 and am currently thinking of putting in a GT3 seat. I've been sliding all over the places on track days (my rear not the cars!)Your posts have been interesting. I was thinking of keeping the OEM paseenger seat for access to the back. However do you know of any decent race seat that folds forward for access?

Posted by: Tony | May 11, 2006 1:55:31 AM

Never heard of a racing seat that folds. Maybe you could look at a Recaro sports seat with bigger bolsters?

Posted by: Billy | May 13, 2006 8:45:45 AM


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