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March 15, 2006

RPM signal for logger

My G2Extreme data logger needs an RPM signal. It uses it for RPMs, obviously, but also for figuring out which gear I'm in by looking at MPH and RPM and dividing. I can configure it with gear ratios and bingo, it can figure it out.

Trouble is where to get an RPM signal from. Apparently pin 78 of the DME socket has it but I'd need to splice a wire on to it. I asked my dealer and surprise, surprise, he said I'd be out of my mind. Putting extra load on that signal might change it slightly, cause issues, my slice mightn't work, the DME could break, blah, blah, blah. So, we're not going down that path. It's 2K for a new DME and I'm on my second one now. Want to keep it shiny!

There is another sensor for getting the RPMs using magnetic induction from a coil wire. The dealer reckons thats the way to go. It shouldn't interfere with anything electrically and from a warranty point of view, I'm on much firmer sand.

So, we're buying the induction based sensor... 42 bucks. Cheaper than a DME...

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