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March 08, 2006

NEWS: X74/X73 works on all 996s

I had previously read that the X74/X73 suspensions won't work on 99-01 996s. Gert from Carnewal says not so. They have several customers using these kits on older 996s.

Quote from Gert:

Hi Billy,

The X74 kit will fit the ’99 without problem.

We have several customers with ’99 and ’00 cars that have the X74 since many years with great results.

Please note that there is a lot of misconception about the X74 in the US.  Most people that make these comments never have seen a car with the X74, let alone drove one.

Probably because not a lot of dealers know about the existence of this suspension as it was only available to RoW cars. Fact is that Porsche offered the X74 as an exclusive optional suspension for the –’01 3.4L 996 cars.

If you look at a PSS-9 kit, you will also see that there is only one kit for the ’99-’01 cars and the ’02-’04 cars.

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