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March 07, 2006

New GT3 is the problem...

And it showing it's age. Main problem seems to be lack of grunt. The Cayman S seems to be a virtual dead heat with the 997S around Laguna Seca. The Z06 was 1.5 seconds faster on the California Speedway.

So, a little depressed this morning. The GT3 is what I blame for this. It has a 415bhp engine now. Whats the betting that the engine in the Carrera S is compromised because of the GT3. I think it'd be better if the Carrera S and GT3 had the same engine and they just made the GT3 much lighter and more like a track car. They don't seem to be doing that though with the new GT3. The Ruf 996 GT3 was about 2800lbs, a GT3 with 415bhp and that weight would be a lot faster than a 3300lbs Carrera with 415bhp around a track.

If the 997S had had 415bhp then I think it would have beaten the other cars in that shoot out. The Cayman S is too bloody good or more accurately the 997's are not keeping pace at the high end and so the Cayman is making the 997 look more like a GT car than a sports car.

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