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March 07, 2006

Lap belt problem solved

Jim Bryant from Apex SPG contacted me today to say it was possible that Simpson had sent me the long sew lap belts. He asked me to send him a photo of the lap belt with a tape measure beside it and he confirmed tonight that it's the wrong one. I should have received the short sew belts.

He's going to contact the Simpson rep tomorrow to get me a replacement but the juries out on whether they'll replace the belt or not which they absolutely should given they clearly screwed up.

Anyway, Sam from Brey Krauss called today also and is looking in to why his Recaro Pole Position kit doesn't work. I showed him the photos below and it's pretty clear the stock tunnel receptable isn't safe with this setup. So, he's looking at a Boxster that they did for a 6ft 2 guy where they lowered the seat to see what they did there.

Anyway, the mess continues... Here's the photos with a measure of the long sew belts, I'll post the short sew also when I get them.


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