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March 17, 2006

996 Engine life

I talked with a Porsche guy today about 996 engine life. What had me thinking is RUF. RUF offer a supercharger for the 996 for 22k. They also offer a 2yr charger AND engine warranty. But, if the engine has 50k miles on it then they make you swap for a factory refurb first. If it's more than 40k miles then they replace parts as they see fit unless a swap makes more sense.

This had me thinking now that it's at 40k, should I do a pre-emptive swap? So, I asked my guy whats he think. He understands what RUF is up to, the jugs (sleeves/rings) are wearing a little at 50k so from their point of view, it's a good precaution. So, I said should I get a swap then at 50k? No way was the answer, he reckons the engine is over designed and should last 100-150k miles before I'd go down that path. What if I track the car for ten days a year and he still didn't change his opinion.

So, that quiets my concern for now I think, unless I do down the RUF path, 400bhp would be nice, but learning to drive is likely more interesting first...

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March 15, 2006

40k miles and counting

My car hit 40,000 miles today. I bought it almost 3 years ago with 17k on the clock. I have to say, it's been a good 23k miles. Few problems with the car IMHO, it's a ton of fun on the track at drivers education events and I still enjoy driving it. The car is still stock except for brake pads (EBC RedStuff Ceramics). I have recaro seats and a roll bar/harness bar that I'll put in for track events but besides those, it's stock.

The exhaust is something I really like now, since my lifters got replaced, its somehow a little louder. Others have also noticed. I enjoy driving it up red line and listening to it, trouble is once I hit second gear, I'm usually breaking the speed limit at shift time so second gear only.

Anyway, 40k and counting, awesome car.

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RPM signal for logger

My G2Extreme data logger needs an RPM signal. It uses it for RPMs, obviously, but also for figuring out which gear I'm in by looking at MPH and RPM and dividing. I can configure it with gear ratios and bingo, it can figure it out.

Trouble is where to get an RPM signal from. Apparently pin 78 of the DME socket has it but I'd need to splice a wire on to it. I asked my dealer and surprise, surprise, he said I'd be out of my mind. Putting extra load on that signal might change it slightly, cause issues, my slice mightn't work, the DME could break, blah, blah, blah. So, we're not going down that path. It's 2K for a new DME and I'm on my second one now. Want to keep it shiny!

There is another sensor for getting the RPMs using magnetic induction from a coil wire. The dealer reckons thats the way to go. It shouldn't interfere with anything electrically and from a warranty point of view, I'm on much firmer sand.

So, we're buying the induction based sensor... 42 bucks. Cheaper than a DME...

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March 13, 2006

Sensitive yaw accelerometer

We just had bad weather. First, it thundered and dropped a bunch of hail, then it froze and dropped 2-4 inches of snow on top. OK, everybody, can you say lethal...

Course, because the rest of the team drove in for our meeting this morning, I had to make my way in also. Wasn't so bad going in but coming home was pretty scary. The water under the many bridges across the highway had frozen. My butt/yaw meter was screaming at me under every bridge as my Ford Exploder started rotating slightly when it hit the ice patches under the bridge.

Worst part is, nothing you can do. You make it under or you don't. If it went then you're done. It's ice. Still, car parks are fun for developing a sensitive yaw instrument/butt when the weathers like this...

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March 08, 2006

Owners GT3 announce letter

This arrived today by email from Porsche. The announcement for owners that the GT3 is now available.


415bhp with 3070lbs curb weight.

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NEWS: X74/X73 works on all 996s

I had previously read that the X74/X73 suspensions won't work on 99-01 996s. Gert from Carnewal says not so. They have several customers using these kits on older 996s.

Quote from Gert:

Hi Billy,

The X74 kit will fit the ’99 without problem.

We have several customers with ’99 and ’00 cars that have the X74 since many years with great results.

Please note that there is a lot of misconception about the X74 in the US.  Most people that make these comments never have seen a car with the X74, let alone drove one.

Probably because not a lot of dealers know about the existence of this suspension as it was only available to RoW cars. Fact is that Porsche offered the X74 as an exclusive optional suspension for the –’01 3.4L 996 cars.

If you look at a PSS-9 kit, you will also see that there is only one kit for the ’99-’01 cars and the ’02-’04 cars.

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March 07, 2006

Lap belt problem solved

Jim Bryant from Apex SPG contacted me today to say it was possible that Simpson had sent me the long sew lap belts. He asked me to send him a photo of the lap belt with a tape measure beside it and he confirmed tonight that it's the wrong one. I should have received the short sew belts.

He's going to contact the Simpson rep tomorrow to get me a replacement but the juries out on whether they'll replace the belt or not which they absolutely should given they clearly screwed up.

Anyway, Sam from Brey Krauss called today also and is looking in to why his Recaro Pole Position kit doesn't work. I showed him the photos below and it's pretty clear the stock tunnel receptable isn't safe with this setup. So, he's looking at a Boxster that they did for a 6ft 2 guy where they lowered the seat to see what they did there.

Anyway, the mess continues... Here's the photos with a measure of the long sew belts, I'll post the short sew also when I get them.


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New GT3 is the problem...

And it showing it's age. Main problem seems to be lack of grunt. The Cayman S seems to be a virtual dead heat with the 997S around Laguna Seca. The Z06 was 1.5 seconds faster on the California Speedway.

So, a little depressed this morning. The GT3 is what I blame for this. It has a 415bhp engine now. Whats the betting that the engine in the Carrera S is compromised because of the GT3. I think it'd be better if the Carrera S and GT3 had the same engine and they just made the GT3 much lighter and more like a track car. They don't seem to be doing that though with the new GT3. The Ruf 996 GT3 was about 2800lbs, a GT3 with 415bhp and that weight would be a lot faster than a 3300lbs Carrera with 415bhp around a track.

If the 997S had had 415bhp then I think it would have beaten the other cars in that shoot out. The Cayman S is too bloody good or more accurately the 997's are not keeping pace at the high end and so the Cayman is making the 997 look more like a GT car than a sports car.

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