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March 17, 2006

996 Engine life

I talked with a Porsche guy today about 996 engine life. What had me thinking is RUF. RUF offer a supercharger for the 996 for 22k. They also offer a 2yr charger AND engine warranty. But, if the engine has 50k miles on it then they make you swap for a factory refurb first. If it's more than 40k miles then they replace parts as they see fit unless a swap makes more sense.

This had me thinking now that it's at 40k, should I do a pre-emptive swap? So, I asked my guy whats he think. He understands what RUF is up to, the jugs (sleeves/rings) are wearing a little at 50k so from their point of view, it's a good precaution. So, I said should I get a swap then at 50k? No way was the answer, he reckons the engine is over designed and should last 100-150k miles before I'd go down that path. What if I track the car for ten days a year and he still didn't change his opinion.

So, that quiets my concern for now I think, unless I do down the RUF path, 400bhp would be nice, but learning to drive is likely more interesting first...

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Can you tell me more about the lifter replacement?
My 99 started doing this after the winter rest.
$2,000 is a lot. Mine only has 13000 mi

Posted by: Tom c | Apr 13, 2006 8:46:36 PM

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