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February 26, 2006

Good to be stock again

It's pretty nice to have my car back to normal, those Recaros make the car a lot less inviting for driving day to day. I have to say it's a pleasure to be able to get in and out of the car easily and just put the belt on and know everything is fine. The car is a lot more usable with the stock seats in that the recaros.

I'm leaving it stock from now on except when tracking it.

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February 25, 2006

Belt position issues identified

I took out the roll bar and put back in the stock seats. Believe it or not, the stock seats are around 2 to 3 inches lower than the racing shells which is surprising. But, it also explains things. The harness bar on the Das Sport Weekender bar is, coincidently, 3 inches too low. So, it's not that the harness bar is too low, the seats are too high.

This amazes me to tell the truth, that the racing seats are in fact higher in the car than the stock ones. The other issue is the Brey Krauss seat mount adapter and lap belt attachment adapter don't work with Recaro seats despite being specific to the Recaro seats.

So, I'm kinda of struggling with what to do next. I can modify the bar and then change the lap belts to bolt ons. Then I can attach the lap belts to the tunnel side mount on the BK seat adapters, that'll let me tighten my lap belt correctly.

Or I can figure something else out, either way, it's a pain in the ass...


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Weight savings with racing seats

I just checked the weight of my stock power seats versus the Recaro Pole Positions in my Porsche 996.

My replacement seat is

  • Porsche manual slider
  • Brey Krauss Seat mounts
  • Recaro Pole Position

Total weight is 14.2kg

The stock seat (mine is power with memory in leather) weighs 26.4kg

So, the total weight savings per side is 12.2kg or 24.4kg total, both sides. Thats 53.68lbs for all the imperials. I'm told weight savings are worth 10lbs per bhp so thats a whopping 5bhp gain with that weight reduction. I'm feeling faster already...

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February 17, 2006

-30F today

When your nose freezes walking in from the car park, you know it's cold. We had a high of 0F today with a wind chill of -30F. I could hear my garaged SUV freezing on the way in to work.

It's days like this that you realize how addictive smoking is, the smokers need to go outside to smoke. I see people outside without coats in temperatures like this, amazing.

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February 14, 2006

New 997 turbo announced

It's looks a great car, it doesn't have the power of the competition but with 0-60 numbers of 3.4seconds and top of 190ish, it's plenty fast.

Check it out here.

Price wise, it's a bargain except when compared with the Z06 vette but the vette doesn't have the handling etc of the 997's, as least not yet.


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February 06, 2006

Safety at HPDE seems to be in focus for 2006

From reading various discussion groups etc around the net, HPDE attendees are definitely going to be more focused on safety now. There were 5 deaths last year at HPDE events in the USA, thats 5 too many.

I'm upgrading my level of safety this year as I've documented in this blog over the last few months. I'm hearing arguments against doing this, as people say it encourages higher speeds if you're safer. Personally, I don't buy it. I watched John go around turn 1 at BIR around 20mph faster than me and I had no desire to do that myself.

I wanna have fun and talk a little risk as possible. I'd like my track miles to be safer than the miles driving to the event. Thats means not driving at anything like the limit of my car (I'm not capable of that anyway...) and having decent safety gear for when the unexpected happens.

I was reading about people mentioned getting out of a car quickly. So, me being me, I had to do it. It's actually easier to get our of my car through a window than normally, it's pretty funny. The Recaro seats high sides make sliding sideways under the steering wheel kind of tricky. But, put your arms outside the car window and pull and you slide out pretty quickly, I reckon around 5 seconds to get out of the car including releasing the harness and my R3 head and neck restraint.

I'm reading Ross Bentleys books on driving now also and will probably buy a fire suit and nomex underwear also. At this point, it's kind of to hell with it, I'm just buying it, I'll be the only guy there with the gear but screw em.

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