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February 25, 2006

Belt position issues identified

I took out the roll bar and put back in the stock seats. Believe it or not, the stock seats are around 2 to 3 inches lower than the racing shells which is surprising. But, it also explains things. The harness bar on the Das Sport Weekender bar is, coincidently, 3 inches too low. So, it's not that the harness bar is too low, the seats are too high.

This amazes me to tell the truth, that the racing seats are in fact higher in the car than the stock ones. The other issue is the Brey Krauss seat mount adapter and lap belt attachment adapter don't work with Recaro seats despite being specific to the Recaro seats.

So, I'm kinda of struggling with what to do next. I can modify the bar and then change the lap belts to bolt ons. Then I can attach the lap belts to the tunnel side mount on the BK seat adapters, that'll let me tighten my lap belt correctly.

Or I can figure something else out, either way, it's a pain in the ass...


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I have a 2000 996 Cab 4 and I am from Atlanta, GA USA where the weather is rarely below freezing. One good thing about this is that I never have to buy snow tires! Like you, I've had my p-car for about a year and am getting into the local PCA club's events... from DE to autocross to tech sessions. Learning a lot and really having FUN!

My wish list is as follows:
swap rear light wiring harness (part # 996 631 436 00) to troubleshoot fog light malfunction (for some reason one of my rear fog light bulbs wont work.. and it is not the bulb)

adjust reverse gear cable (I put the B&M Short Shifter Kit in and now my car pops out of reverse occasionally. Not a big deal.)

install rear sway bar (I bought a 23mm H&R rear sway bar that is supposed to fit. No plans on changing the front. This gets responses from agreement to outright incredulity. Oh well, if I am wrong I will take it back off. I'm just thinking that it will help with the body roll in corners...)

adjust parking brakes

ATE Gold Brake Fluid
Power Brake Bleeder (saw and awesome one made by "Motive Products" at the recent tech session here. It fits right over the brake reservoir on the 996)

Air:Fuel mix adjuster (must be a way to do this without permanently changing it??)

GT3(RS?) Brake Ducts/scoops "$300" (maybe this is not necessary... probably better off with just metal brake lines to reduce fade at DE events)

install metal brake lines ($69??)

PSS9's or
RoW 030 sport suspension (what's your opinion? I'm leaning toward the PSS9's cause the RoW might be too soft and not low enough and X74 may be TOO LOW... I hate ripping spoilers off my car on those parking lot curbs!)

(www.LLTEK.com $1500.)


NEW EXHAUST/PIPES (a guy at tech session said that a simple exhaust bypass pipe is enough to get that nice porsche growl... no need to buy a full set of mufflers and pipes. What do you think?)

seatback shell kit (www.LLTEK.com $1100.) or
replace seat backs (you should surf these seat backs up... the look pretty cool but I dont know anybody who has bought them so cant say if they work or if they look tacky up close)

(maybe not...$20K and your engine only lasts 80K miles (!?) I attribute this last info to your blog!)

Great BLOG. You must get a lot of hits from GOOGLE since you touch on every worry, question and desire most of us seem to have with our 996's. Since I am learning from your experiences I'd like to share some of mine with you. I'll respond with comments to your posts as appropriate if you don't mind. I'm not sure how this works, but hopefully you will get my comments privately since I have no desire to hog your webspace.

First, regarding seating. OMG I am so tired of sliding around on my powered leather seats. Have you heard of those seatbacks that just bolt on to your standard seats and convert them to sport seats? Check them out on www.LLTek.com

Well, hope this helps. I have a lot of good notes that I took at the latest tech session I will be happy to share with you if you are interested. We learned how to do our own brakes and oil changes and more...

Jeff Laughary

Posted by: Jeff | Mar 28, 2006 5:21:02 PM

Regarding the rear fog light issue you are having: Only one light is supposed to light up. German thing.
Row 030 is what I intend to do, cheaper and not too soft from what I hear, unless you will be Auto crossing/racing.
I had a bypass system made at the local muffler shop for about $60. I put it on when I think the car is too quiet. After about a week, I put the mufflers back on.
Check on these sites if you have not already:


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