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January 07, 2006

New web site for drivers education, Trackpedia.com/wiki

My buddies and I are launching a new web site, Trackpedia.com. It's the one and ONLY community based encyclopedia for race tracks and performance driving events on the internet today. This website is designed to allow for easy sharing of information about how to drive a race track, the best way to travel to them, competitively race on them, after hours enterainment at and around the them, local lodging after a long day at the track and much more.

Trackpedia also has a full forum facility for discussing what ever you are in the mood for. Want to give you buddy heck from that last big day, or want to share what you believe is the fastest line around turn 3 at VIR, or maybe you just know the best place to get a cold beverage after a great day at the track our forum will keep you in touch with your fellow enthusiast.

This is the main entry point for the wiki. This wiki is dedicated to advancing drivers education and race driver performance through knowledge sharing along with detailed track maps and comprehensive turn by turn guides. A wiki is very different than a normal static website. A wiki is a community edititable online encyclopedia that the community (yes YOU once you register) is free to update and extend all content to progress towards the best possible descriptions and most accurate information. For example Do you know a track that isn't in our list? Why don't you add it? You can. Just register and then add a link to your track underneath the appropriate link. Do you have knowledge of a turn better than the current turn by turn analysis has, by all means let your voice be heard and make the racing community visiting this website more informed and help them shave the extra 1/10 a second of their lap time.

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