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January 30, 2006

Magic, black magic and then putting seats in your car...


We're at the point where we may be changing everything AGAIN. There are two problems with my setup as it is now.

  1. My lap belts won't tighten fully.
  2. The angle of the shoulder harnesses to the bar is too steep

Lap belts

The problem here is that as I tighten the lap belt, I run out of belt to pull through the latch. So, the belt isn't tight around my pelvis. I have some workarounds I could use, for example, remove the stock receptable on the tunnel side and bolt the belt directly to the stock belt anchor point. This would give me two inches and would allow me to tighten the belt fully I think but I'd lose my stock belt when using the 6pt belt.

Harness belts

My shoulder belts are wrapped around my DasSport roll bar. they go through the seat holes and then over my shoulders down to the lock. The problem is the belt angle between the top of my shoulders and the bar. It's too steep, it's not supposed to be more than about ten degrees. The steeper it is then the more compression on your spine instead of hold me in the seat, they would hold and compress me which isn't a good thing.


So, I'm buggered again. I need a different roll bar. This looks VERY difficult to get right given that belt angle depends on how tall you are. Seats and roll bars do not come in different sizes. Different seat brands and even seat types have the holes in different positions. Recaro Profi SPG holes are higher than Recaro Pole Position holes. It looks like a roll the dice game to find a combination of parts that work for you. What works for person A may not work for you because you're a different height.

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By chance to you still have the Sparco Evo seats for sale or did you manage to get rid of them already?


Posted by: Rob | Feb 12, 2006 3:23:02 AM

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