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January 04, 2006

Adding video to the drivers education

Next year, I want to video all my DE days. I'm planning on using my mini DV camcorder to do it. So, I need a camera mount for the car. My DasSport weekender rollbar is the obvious place to put it.

The PCA rules say that a video mount needs to be metal on metal and have a backup strap. So, sucker based mounts won't fly, or rather will fly if something happened.

I contacted MacKenzie Horn at CDOC, the DasSport distributors and he recommended an IO port camera mount. It's 3 axis adjustable and has dampening. My camcorder has an image stabilizer also so hopefully I'll get a clear image. I've ordered that part and will comment on it when it arrives next week.

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please video of porsche 996 carrera 4 for me

Posted by: omid | Jan 31, 2006 6:29:57 PM

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