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December 12, 2005

Seats update


I ordered a BK 9076 and a BK 9071 from Brey Krauss this morning and am sending the Speedware seat brackets and floor bracket and recaro sliders back. I'm keeping the seats.

The BK9076 brackets attach to the manual Porsche sliders. The 76s have a tunnel side bracket for attaching the stock 3pt receptable. BK only sell it for Porsche sliders as the Porsche ones seem to be the only ones tested or strong enough for attaching the tunnel stock belt receptacle.

They are pricey (145 bucks a side) but at this point, I don't care anymore. I ordered them from JimB at Apex this morning. Hopefully, my car will be back together again on Sat.

The Porsche sliders and floor mounts are a complete no brainer if you are thinking about this. They cost 140 bucks a side and are basically bulletproof and bolt perfectly in to the car. Why bother with aftermarket sliders and floor mounts when you can get the real thing for the same money. No bending, drilling, making holes widers etc.

Despite the issues with Speedware, I still like em and would recommend them. They were very good about this and have great customer service. If you want seats then they seem to have the market cornered for Sparco and Recaro seats.

My final kit should be:

  1. Porsche manual sliders and floor mount.
    Bought from a retiring PCA racer
  2. BK 9076 and BK9071 (side seat mounts)
    Bought from JimB APEX
  3. 2x BK 9001, harness lap belt attachments
    Bought from JimB APEX
  4. 2x Porsche seat belt receptables (65 bucks from dealer)
    Bought from my Porsche dealer.
  5. Recaro Profi SPG driver seat
    Bought from Speedware
  6. Recaro Pole position passenger seat
    Bought from Speedware
  7. 2x BK seat brace
    Bought from JimB APEX
  8. Das Sport Weekender roll bar
    Bought from a retiring PCA racer.
  9. Simpson 6 pt polyester harness x 2
    Bought from JimB APEX

My harness lap belts attach to the roll bar bottom hooks and the 9001 lap belt attachments. My should harness wraps about the harness bar on the roll bar. My submarine belts attach to the Porsche submarine bar that fits the Porsche sliders.

A nagging fear I have right now is that the Profi seat will be too small for PCA instructors to sit in at DE events. So, I need to find instructors less than 200 pounds.

Anyway, hopefully my next post will be titled WHOOPEE!

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