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December 21, 2005

Seats installed

The Brey Krauss stuff arrived yesterday and I now have two Recaro Pole Positions in the car and all seat belts installed. It just bolted in as it should.

The Brey Krauss seat brackets are very nice. They aren't anodised but instead look enameled. Trust me, you don't want anodised. It scratches too easily and they won't look good for long at all. The coating on the BK brackets is tough, I hit it a few times with wrenches etc during installation and not a mark.

The tunnel side seat belt mount looks very strong, probably stronger than the one on the Porsche seats them selves. I attach a Porsche seat belt receptacle and a BK 9001 lap belt mount using the bolts/washers provided with the 9001 and it all fits just fine and doesn't require any forcing of the tunnel side carpets etc, there is room for it all.

The BK seat mounts allow the seat to be tilted using bolts. There are 3 holes on the front and one on the back. So, you can change the angle of the seat slightly. I'm currently using the middle hole on the front for passenger and driver.

In summary, if you're going to do this then get this kit, it's awesome, bolts in, no drilling, making holes bigger, grinding bolts, damaging carpet etc. It's made for the car and it just bolts in.

The final kit is as follows:

  • Recaro Pole Position (2 @ 699 each)
  • BK 907x mounts (2 @ 154 each)
  • Porsche manual sliders (2 @ 140 each)
  • Porsche seat belt receptable (2 @ 65 each)
  • BK 9001 lap belt mount (2 @ 69 each)
  • Das Sport Weekender roll bar (1200 new)
  • Simpson Polyester 6pt harness with snap on lap belts (250 ish a side)
  • BK Back braces (2 @ 125 each)
  • Bell M2 Helmet (300)
  • R3 neck restraint (1000)

Either Pole Position or Sparco Evo 2's/Evo/Pro 2000 would work with the right BK brackets. They don't make brackets for the Recaro Profi SPG. So, the total cost was 5500 bucks. I was quoted 1000 for labor but it was easy enough for me to do on my own and I reckon if I can do it, anyone can. I don't see what you could cut to drop the cost. You could use the BK harness bar (600) instead of the 1200 DasSport but the BK bar offers no rollover protection. Nylon belts instead of Polyester would also be cheaper. You could get the Aluminium seats that are available now for 300 bucks but people that have them say in a daily driver, they are impossible to live with. You can get a cheaper helmet and no neck restraint but I don't think thats a good move from a safety point of view. I reckon 5500 bucks is a meets min setup for reasonable safety in a DE car. A full race setup is better of course but thats not a daily driver.

Anyway, it's been a royal pain but I have what I wanted now finally. Do your self a favor and just get these parts, they just bolt in and are well engineered and have looks that will last.

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