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December 28, 2005

Recaro Pole Positions - review

The drivers side seat is hard to get out of. There isn't a lot of room between the seat side and the steering wheel. So, you gotta kind of rotate your legs out, I'm putting my hand on the door sill and getting out that way.

My buddy and I went karting today, it's a 200 mile round trip journey for us. The seat was comfortable for me. I was wearing the stock 3pt belt and had the 6pt shoulder straps flat on the seat behind me and I didn't notice them. My buddy on the other hand had a problem with the Pole Positions. It's not wide enough for him. He's 230lbs, 6 ft 3 and a 36 inch waist. His problem was his hip bone is pressing against the seat side and this was uncomfortable towards the end. He was looking at putting Pole Positions in his Ferrari 348 but this is not so sure after today. I don't think bigger seats are available besides Sparco Evo 3's and they are too big. Hard to know what to do.

I still like the seats, you feel much more part of the car with the seats. The factory belts don't feel very safe after you've had the 6pt harness on though, it's a little unnerving.

It was around 31-35F driving home with occasional light snow, the car was flawless, tons of grip, the Bridgestone Blizzaks (LM22s) are awesome in this kind of weather.

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