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December 01, 2005

Getting beaten down by this seat fiasco

What a nightmare this is turning out to be. Speedware sent the wrong brackets for the Profi seat. They sent 2 sets of brackets for pole positions. They are too wide for the Profis AFAIK. To tell the truth, I wish I'd just bought the Porsche GT3 seats now. No hassle, plonk in, they work. This is fast becoming a frigging soap opera its been going on so long.

The seat fabs made by Speedware are another issue. They just don't fit right compared with the Porsche ones coming out or the units on the Evo 3s. The tabs for the front floor bolts look too long. The bolt from the front slider is below the bracket and will press on the floor when bolted in. So the fab unit isn't flush with the floor the front slider bolt prevents this. The eye bolts they sent for the seat belt receptacles are too long and interfere with the slider moving forwards and backwards. Their seat fab has the welded on points for the 3pt seat belt receptable BUT it's welded to the seat fab, not the slider so when you move the seat, the receptable stays still. If you look at your car, when you move the seat, the receptable moves with you.

So, I'll call em tomorrow and see what I'm going to do. I may just send the whole caboddle back and eat the shipping for the second time and just get the Porsche ones.


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Hi. I have a 03 996 coupe with power seats, and I picked up a GT3 seat. I want to put in my 2003 996 coupe that has power seats and a Bose stereo. There are two electronic boxes under the driver’s seat—I believe the bottom one is the airbag computer. Do you know what the small rectangular box is attached to the bottom of the seat and how the electrical connectors are released? My local dealers here in SoCal don’t have a clue. Thanks. Ernie

Posted by: ernie | Dec 16, 2005 10:40:44 PM

The seat belt electrical connectors are a side pull release. You can't pull them straight out as you'd expect. Instead, look on the right hand side of the connector and you'll see a small tab that can be pulled out of the side of the connector. Doing this, pushes the plug upwards. When you want to reattach then push the plug in to the socket and then push the side back in and it drags the plug back in. It's actually easier than if it was 'normal'.

Posted by: Billy | Dec 18, 2005 9:20:34 PM

hello, i read you have a carrera 4 - do you drive it in
the snow?
i live in mn and am thinking of either a 997 4 or perhaps a 2.... just wondering if you had any thoughts on one versus the other


Posted by: randy | Jul 6, 2006 1:59:39 PM

I drive it in the winter. I have a set of 17 inch wheels with Bridgestone Blizzak tires on them. Works great.

Posted by: Billy | Jul 8, 2006 10:22:30 PM

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