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December 30, 2005

Drivers education and black ice

I was driving home from a movie with my wife in our Ford Exploder when we hit black ice tonight. The exploder just lost traction as we climbed up a local road and turned slightly following a curve on the county road. I guess we were doing maybe 45mph when it went.

It takes a long time to blow off 45mph on ice. I don't know how long it took to stop (I didn't brake at all) but it was an interesting few seconds as it tried to get me one way and then the other and so on. But, I was lucky tonight and it didn't succeed. I managed to keep it pointed in the right direction by counter steering and eventually the speed bled off and we came to a nice stop still pointed in the right direction on the side of the road. My wifes comment at that point was "That was interesting!" so which I responded "So, drivers education is a good thing then"

I reckon it tried to spin on me maybe 5-6 times (clockwise, counter clockwise, and repeat) before enough speed had bled off to damp the whole thing. The rest of the journey home was an exercise in threshold braking, the roads had glazed over completely with sheet black ice on the roads the rest of the way home.

I think my wife is starting to appreciate drivers education events a little more tonight as was I.

Happy new year and safe driving.

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