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December 08, 2005

Review: Speedware seat mount kit versus Brey Krauss comparison

The Speedware kit consist of a custom square bracket that bolts to the floor. This has a tab on each side for the lap belts or seat belt buckle to attach to. The kit came with Recaro sliders and Speedware anodised seat mounts.

The floor kit has some horizontal travel for the sliders and you'll need this as the Speedware seat brackets are one size fits all. Basically you bolt the seat brackets to the seats (Evo/Evo 2/Pole Position/Profi) and then you attach the brackets to the slider/floor bracket and then compress them together until it fits, then tighten up the bolts. This puts stress on the Recaro slider handle and it popped out a couple of times for me.

Speedware confirmed on the phone the other day that the Recaro sliders they'd sent are too narrow for the Porsche seat bolts to fit. So, not only would I need to drill the hole in the sliders bigger so the bolt will fit, I'd also need to scrape off the lip on the top of the Porsche bolt as otherwise the Porsche bolts don't fit in to the slider. The bolts also don't fit clean through the holes in their own custom floor mount, the holes in the floor mount are about a mm too narrow. I'm not impressed at all with that custom piece of kit. It's sold for a Porsche 996 but only fits once:

  • you drill holes in the front lateral bar for the submarine belts.
  • drill holes in the rear of the sliders to make the existing holes wide enough,
  • take the lip of the Porsche bolts so they fit in the recaro sliders
  • drill a larger hole for the Porsche bolts in Speedware floor mount because they dont fit otherwise.
  • bend the tab on the tunnel side so you can bolt on the seat belt receptable without damaging the tunnel side carpet.

And then voila, you've a custom fitted floor mount. This, for me, is too much to swallow for a part thats advertised as specially made for the car. I just didn't like this setup, too many modifications, it just doesn't seem engineered for the job. The Speedware anodised mounts are nice but are very easy to scratch.

The Brey Krauss alternative

I then ordered Porsche manual sliders and the Brey Krauss 907x brackets. The BK brackets just bolt to the Porsche sliders. The Porsche sliders are obviously a bolt in using the existing factory bolts. The BK brackets bolt to the seats and the sliders. They take a bit of wiggling to line up with the floor once they are attach to the seats and it didn't take long before the whole kit was bolted in.

The BK kits are made specifically for the seat and so are designed to bolt to the Porsche sliders which have no 'wiggle' room like the Speedware unit. But, none is needed as the brackets are fabbed with different widths depending on the seat. They make brackets for Sparco Evo/Pro 2000 and Evo 2 as well as Recaro Pole Positions. Sam from BK told me the Evo brackets won't fit a Recaro Profi seat. So, again, the parts are made to fit together exactly and this gives a better fit.

Before you put the seats in the car, you need to first attach the seat belt hardware. This again can use the factory bolts. I ordered two Porsche seat belt receptables and 2 BK 9001 tunnel side lap belt brackets. The BK seat brackets are engineered with a shoulder just like the Porsche ones and the 3pt receptable does on the shoulder followed by the 9001 bracket. Then just bolt it on the bracket. Very easy. Once the seat is installed in the car, there is some clearance between the tunnel carpet and the seat belt stuff. The other thing is the lap belts are attached to the seat not the floor bracket so when you move the seat the seat belt sockets move with you, like the stock car.


It's a no contest. The Porsche sliders with BK brackets are hands down an easier install, a better truly OEM fit, and from my point of view, higher quality product that the Speedware equivalent. It's more or less the same price as the Speedware kit also, maybe a 100 bucks more. This isn't a lot considering the overall cost is around 5k for me. If you are paying for an installation then you'll save more in labor costs due to the much easier installation. If you're doing this in your car then just get the Porsche/BK kit. I bought mine from Jim Bryant at Apex. I bought the sliders and seat belt receptables from my Porsche dealer.

I'd only recommend Sparco Evo/Evo 2/Pro 2000 and Recaro Pole Position seats after all this as you can only get Brey Krauss brackets for those seats.

Note, Speedware are an excellent company to deal with. They have probably the largest seat inventory in the country (Sparco and Recaro) and offer great customer service. While I didn't have the best experience with them because of the seat hardware, I'm still happy with them. They took it back and refunded me. I'd just ask them to either match the fit and quality of the Porsche/BK kit or simply just sell that kit rather than their own.

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