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December 15, 2005

BK 907x brackets

Having just ordered a pair of these for my Pole Positions in this nightmare of changing my seats, I read their installation instructions today and couldn't believe what was there:

Brey-Krause R-9071 & R-9072 side mount brackets adapt Sparco Evo/Pro 2000 seats to 996/Boxster sliders. Brey-Krause R-9073 & R-9074 side mount brackets adapt Sparco Evo 2 seats to 996/Boxster sliders. R-9075 & R-9076 side mount brackets adapt Recaro Pole position seats to 996/Boxster sliders. We provide an inside (tunnel side) seat belt mounting point designed for an off road seat belt only. Not for street use.

So I'd just ordered a pair and here in the instructions, it says you cant use em on the street. I pick up the phone in seconds. Sam at Brey Krauss was kind enough to take my call. I asked him what good were his brackets if I can't mount a 3 pt belt on it and use it on the street. He was surprised and said he'd look at the instructions again. He said what it was supposed to say was you can't use a 5pt or 6pt belt on the street. The attachment point is tested for 3000lbs and so is street legal for attaching a 3pt belt receptable to it.

Phew. so after the call, Sam had clarified the following:

  • You can attach the street belt receptable to their bracket and it's street legal.
  • You can use a 9001 adapter to also attach a lap belt for a harness.

Disclaimer: before believing anything here, call them for confirmation, this is second hand information (you're getting it from me not Sam) and while this is what Sam explained to me, until they update their instructions, I'd call to check any usage of their equipment with them directly.

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