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December 06, 2005

Back braces and harnesses arrive

Slowly, all the pieces are coming in. Jim B at Apex SPG sent the latest installment. A pair of Simpson polyester 6pt harnesses and a couple of Brey Kraus Back braces. The braces fit nicely in the Das Sport Roll bar I have so that was cool.

Still waiting on Speedware Motorsports to send me a 996 seat mount kit that fits in the car. The one they had sent doesn't fit and they admitted on Saturday that they couldn't fit it when they tried also. I've found that the tunnel side tab is too close to the tunnel carpet to be able to bolt anything to it without cutting the carpet which I don't want to do, this key was supposed to be OEM fit, not so at the mo but hopefully, they'll do what they promised and send me parts that fit this week. The recaro slides they sent have a problem also. The rear bolt holes are too small for the Porsche bolts that secure the seat to the floor. So, for now, it's all stop. If they don't fix it then I'm sending the lot back and I'll just buy Porsche GT3 seats and be done with it. Park Place in Texas sell a pair for 2800 which isn't so bad considering my Recaros with the 996 mount kits were 2400 from Speedware.

I phoned Das Sport today also and they sent a pair of bolts for anchoring the bottom of the cage to the seat belt points.

Hopefully, this weekend, everything can be installed.

-15F outside this morning, the high was 8F. Welcome to Minnesota...

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