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December 03, 2005

997 C4 promotion arrived

So when I bought my car I registered with Porsche and I got the Porsche magazine every now and then although I haven't received one for a while.

About a month back, they sent an MP3 player which includes two tracks on the technology and design of the C4. The tracks are the engineers talking about the development of the 997.

The MP3 player itself is a SigmaTel 128MB MP3 player. It all came in a nice box encouraging me to run out and spend a 100k on a new Porsche. They may not have the horse power of the new Vette or the F430 but I think I've got the Porsche bug. These cars are way fast enough on a track and there won't be much if anything in it unless you're a pro driver or the track is a horse power track.

Now, I just need IBM stock to rise a little bit...

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