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November 13, 2005

Trailering options for next year

We're doing 5/6 events next year and if I drive the car to those then it's like 6k-8k miles depending on where we go. We're planning on MAM in Glenwood, IA, Road America, Brainerd, Blackhawk and if we can mid ohio.

I'd prefer not to put the miles on the car so trailering is what I'm planning. My 98 Ford Explorer can haul 5160lbs (4.0 EFI, 3.7 Axle, 4 door 4x4 automatic). The car weighs say 3400. That leaves 1700lbs for the trailer. The open aluminium tailers weight between 700 and a 1000lbs so thats what I'm doing. I'll get a class 3 hitch on the explorer and an aluminium single car open aluminium trailer.

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