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November 15, 2005

Rollbar progress

I bolted in the Dassport rollbar today at the rear only but mounted the hoop on the rear brace to check fit. It all fits, I just need the eye bolts for the front belts and it's in. It fits in pretty easy, I reckon at this point on about an hour to put it in and the same to get it out. Fitting the hoop in to the rear brace is tight but I lubed it first with WD40 on the inside of the brace (the female part) and the hoop plugs (the male part) that helped. But it still took a couple of gentle whacks from a rubber mallet to get it in.

The Sparco Evo 3 seats fit very snugly in the cockpit. There is little clearance on the tunnel side (you might get some paper between the tunnel and the seat), it's basically rubbing slightly along the tunnel plastics, it's fabric rubbing on it so no scratching but it's tight.

I'm staring at it all now and I'll probably switch seats to the original Evo 2's I'd bought and returned (arrgghhh!). There would be more side clearance. Worst case, I'll sell the Evo 3's with their Sparco mounts on EBay but I'll keep the Porsche sliders they have right now.

The seat belt receptacles, eye bolts and harnesses are arriving tomorrow/Thursday but I'm now waiting till I decide about seats before moving forward. So, right now, the car has the roll bar in partially and the stock seats back in.

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