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November 30, 2005

Recaro seats arrived

I bought a Recaro Pole Position for my passenger and a Recaro Profi SPG for the driver side. Both are tight with the SPG being very tight but comfortable. I've a 33 inch waist and I fit in both and fit in the SPG even with a winter jacket on as they are mainly tight around the hips, butt and legs, not the upper body so much.

BTW, the Porsche child seat fits in both with no problem.

I also got Recaro sliders and seat bases. Each base has two tabs built in allowing the stock seat belts to be attached as well as allowing the lap belts to be bolted to these on both sides of each seat. If you are getting a seat for a non track only car make sure you get these bases. Otherwise you need to drill holes in the car. I bought everything from Speedware Motorsports. It all cost 2100 bucks.

I'll post more when I put them in the car.

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HI: I got a question that maybe you can help. I got a 2001 Carrera Coupe. It has 18 inch wheels. Is it any problem for me to install 19 inch wheels on it? Can the car take a larger size or must there be modifications?

Posted by: Vic | Sep 3, 2006 11:09:50 AM

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