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November 11, 2005

Racing seats and 3pt belts

My dealers says it's important to have the 3pt belt system working even with racing seats in the car. The air bags in a 996 have two strengths, half and full.

In an accident a seat with no seat belt plugged in on that side (i.e. a person sitting there without a belt or an empty seat) will get a full bag regardless of crash intensity. A seat with the belt inserted in the buckle gets a half or full bag depending on the intensity.

So, basically, you want the buckle wired in to the car electronics and a belt clip plugged in to it so you get the correct behaviour (i.e. half/full rather than full always).

More and more, it looks like the Porsche GT3 seats are the way to go but man they are pricey, 3k.

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