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October 01, 2005

Drivers education day #2 at Brainerd with PCA/Nordstern

Excitment in the morning

3 or 4 offs today. A 944 rolled coming out of turn 3 when he get his wheels over the outside gator and they caught in the hole there. Nasty looking, car is toast. A 996C4 brakes faded in to 3 also and he get very lucky in not doing damage. The others were turn 3 issues also. A Cadillac CTS-V ran out of fuel on the track, not once but TWO times. Note to self, fill the tank when it gets to half. It's embarissing running out one time in your life, but twice in one day...

Personally, I feel comfortable on the track. I'm in my zone and occasionally try to push it a little, raising my comfort zone. I figure, it's not about speed right now, improving technique and line is more interesting and speed just interferes and is probably dangerous but my ability anyway. I like the track now. It's a lot of fun and is only as dangerous as YOU want to make it.

Day summary

Finished the second day at Brainerd with PCA today. I had 4 x 25 minute sessions today and generally went slower than yesterday on the first 3. I went with the instructor in the right seat on my third and was still turning in way too early and wasn't really hitting the apexs also. I then went out with him driving his car and man you can just feel the difference. His car is just way over with all the weight on the outside around the corners. My last session was pretty good I though as I was trying to get the same feel I had when in the instructor car. It's pretty amazing once you start getting the hang of late turn ins and getting the inside wheels over the inside rumble strips. The inside wheels don't really bump at all as only the outside wheels are carrying the weight of the car, it's weird but feels great. I'm slowly getting braver on turn 1 (now entering at 120 and exiting at 110 and entering turn 2 at 100 and holding to accelerate to over 120 before turn 3).


PSM came on for the first time today on turn 4 when I tried to tighten the turn to get ready for 5 and it went wobbly. I'm pretty happy this is the only time it's come on including the slalom stuff where I was really hauling the car through the cones. My advice is leave PSM ON. It doesn't interfere with smooth driving, it only corrects when you really screw up and hopefully thats not often.


First lap out, take it easy coming in to corners. Make sure they are working. Look at what happened to the C4 today. Make sure the bloody things are working before entering a corner at speed.

The car is braking awesomely. No fade and great stopping power. I can really gain time on the others in my group because of late breaking and braking in to 3 is pretty cool. The EBC RedStuff Ceramic pads are awesome on the track but they will glaze over when they get cold on the street following a day. Once I heated them up again on the track today then they were awesome again.

Air conditioner a bad idea.

No air conditioner for me today as a mechanic said it costs me 16 bhp and plus running it at over 6krpm is going to kill it so I turned it off. As I'm now lapping solo, I can lower the right hand window a little to let air in the car. It gets pretty hot inside the car when you're out.


Tomorrow should be cool as most people will leave early and we have 2 x 25 minutes sessions and then 4 x 30 minute sessions. There should be fewer people on the track so it'll make the track more open. But, I had a blast today and traffic wasn't a big problem. It was cool catching the other cars in my group.

My buddy in the Ferrari is still kicking my ass big time. He's entering turn 1 at about 135 now which is just way above my comfort level and he's quicker through turn 2 and turn 9 and 10 so until I get those down, he'll cream me here.

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