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October 19, 2005

Corvette Z06 arrives

65k bucks for one of the scariest rides there probably is. 507bhp, 470lb fts of torque. It's pretty nutty. Check out this review. Should be a GT3 killer at 40k off. I've no idea whether Porsche can pull off handling mods to keep up with 'only' 400bhp.

Only 400bhp, thats insane! 300bhp in my 996 makes a ridiculously fast car. The reporter in the article below made a point I can relate with. He said the problem with the car is that it's no fun blasting around normal roads because it's just too easy. The performance envelope on the car and most of these sports cars is such that to push the car on a public road would mean jail time, not a ticket. There is a road near my house, 61 east to Wabasa, which is very twisty and fun in my Windstar or Ford Explorer but it's boring in the 911. Rather, I won't drive fast enough on that road to make it exciting in the Porsche. Sometimes, you're better off with a Ford Focus, 50mph around a corner is fun in a Focus, you need a lot more speed in a 911 for the same feeling and having been to the track a couple of times now, the speeds possible on 61 if you were really pushing the car would indeed mean jail time or you'd kill someone, it's not a track, it's a public road with no runoff when you screw up and there are cars coming the other way and there are cars/bicycles/SUVs/pick ups on your side of the road. Suicide.

Despite the Z06 though, the 997S was able to stay with a normal C06 in a Car and Driver shoot out, .1 sec per lap in it despite losing 40 bhp and 100ft lbs of torque. 507/470 is a lot of power. Be interesting to see what magazines say now but I've a feeling it'll take a GT3++ or Turbo to stay with it at double the price.


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